Hackett is  a brand of classic clothing and accessories designed to meet the tastes of men of all ages who wish to dress stylish and to whom quality is more important than fashion whims.

Huge experience with materials and the sense of taste appeared over the years have allowed them to create a first-class collection of menswear. The popularity of brand sharply soared. The first stores chain was already opened in 1986 .Stores located in one area in close proximity to each other. It`s very interesting that each store had its own specifics and was engaged in the sale of a particular product: accessories store, sports clothing store,  shirts and ties store etc. The chain of stores located in the same district was known as a "Hackett cross".

Nowadays the company of fashionable casual Hackett clothing has more than 20 boutiques worldwide, most of which are located in European countries.

The key features of Hackett London brand is clothing for men who want to look stylish and prefer quality clothes. The company is inspired by the traditions of classic british brands but also it contributes to the sustainable development of fashion. According to one of the brand Jeremy Hackett  founders: -"Our clothes don`t  outwear." His words are confirmed by the fact that many brand items remain unchanged for many years and still have great popularity among young people.

Adopting inspiration from a Hackett line of designer clothing and designer accessories two different collections "Hackett" and "Hackett Bespoke" were created both of which offer optical as well as sunglasses.